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?Who is the IELTS Path course series for

The IELTS Path courses have been complied and written for  students who are IELTS applicants ,yet they are not prepared enough to take the test yet. As a matter of fact , these 5-course series are technically and scientifically designed for students who need to both build up some linguistic infrastructure and boost their skills in English so that they can be ready to take part in final IELTS courses.

There are 5 courses that in each course students can improve the 4 main skills necessary for success in IELTS as well as have the opportunity to go through the myriad of IELTS sample tests   introduced in each term based on the level of students.

About the IELTS Path

As it was mentioned the IELTS Path courses have been written and compiled mainly as preparatory courses for students who are seeking for reliable and efficient materials in order that they can confidently participate in the IELTS test and pass it with flying colors. As a matter of fact , these 5-series IELTS Path courses are especially written in order to enhance students’ English          proficiency in different fields such as grammar, brainstorming, speaking, paraphrasing, listening, writing and most importantly reading . To provide such a comprehensive course material some of the greatest books have been used as a reference. Hence, It is expected for a student who goes through these courses a great and appropriate level of English proficiency is achieved.

IELTS mock tests

Since taking part in different mock tests can be a golden         opportunity to measure the level of improvement , It is my honor to mention that a comprehensive testing system is devised in the form of final tests by which students can get a valuable and    precise feedback about their level of enhancement at the end of each term.

IELTS writing the summit

As most of the IELTS applicants claim, the writing task is one of the most demanding parts in the IELTS test. They struggle with this section due to several reasons such as, they always complain they have no ideas about the       questions, they have no grammatical and technical          information how to develop a paragraph and then expand it into an essay or they are not familiar with different question types and strategies to take for each.

While many students have made a big thing of it in their mind and as a result they take poor score in this skill, I should point out that by taking a true strategy and studying reliable sources as well as learning what is really needed to know, for sure we can claim that this skill can turn out to be a piece of pie.

It is also important to mention that we can never rely on only one source for studying and getting enough information in this field.

It is my honor to mention that the following papers can   introduce the most essential information that you need to improve your writing skill step by step. The information has been gathered over the course of time from so many diverse books and papers.  That is why, it can be claimed that the following papers can independently be utilized to get whatever information we need to breeze through the IELTS test.

Simply put, I should mention that to ace the test in the IELTS writing section we ought to basically follow some important steps.

First, we should develop our knowledge of grammar.     Second, we should get enough information about the   structure of a paragraph and then commence writing as many paragraphs as possible. Then, we must get familiar with different types of questions in IELTS writing sections and prepare strategies for each. After that, we should try to think and analyze different types of regular IELTS writing questions and brainstorm various ideas for each. And      finally, we ought to commence writing as many essays as possible and then be corrected by a professional teacher to get a deeper understanding of our mistakes.

The following papers will instruct thoroughly each of the above-mentioned strategies step by step.


IELTS speaking the summit

One obsession that I have always been pursuing in preparing my students for IELTS speaking part is how to provide a course for my students to make them ready fully for this section. Since there is no one complete source for covering all of what is required to get the most essential information for IELTS speaking part, I have tried to pick the best parts from several books and compile them into one sufficient, reliable source to help students be fluent enough to get the highest score possible for this skill. The following papers can incontrovertibly provide the most indispensable        information by introducing the variety of topics with the highest rate of possibility in the IELTS speaking section. For sure each topic can provide not only adequate           vocabularies, expressions, ideas and collocations related to one particular subject, it also introduces the list of some of the most common questions related to that topic which has frequently been asked in recent IELTS tests.

For sure a successful student in IELTS speaking part is the one who can express himself proficiently and fluently in a variety of topics. For example, an IELTS applicant should be capable of speaking about his favorite bird or talking about some examples of the environmental problems which are threatening the place where he lives as well as talking about the last book he has read and so many other possible subjects like these. Obviously, to be fluent enough in all these topics we need to improve the knowledge of our    vocabulary and our ideas in all those subjects. The following papers introduce subjects, vocabularies, expressions,      collocations and ideas which can prepare whatever          information you need to pass the speaking test with flying      colors.





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