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Rooyesh general English courses

Some important points how to achieve the main goals and maximize the benefits of these two courses :

First of all , it is important to remind that American English File courses are introduced to students who are in Pre-intermediate level . As a matter of fact , these 4 terms intend to prepare students for the IELTS path courses.

The main concentration in these courses is to boost students’ four major skills ( listening , speaking , reading and writing ) . Let’s have a more precise look at each skill and the main points that we should remember in learning and teaching them .

Listening : American English File courses provide some authentic listening materials both in their Student’s book and work book. It is seriously recommended to all students and teachers to take the most out of the audio files provided in these books. Personally , in addition to covering the whole exercises after each listening exercise in the book , I try to draw the attention of the students to more details of the listening materials by asking more detailed questions and also highlight vocabularies , expressions , collocations and grammar rules in that listening file.

Speaking : Speaking skill has always been one of the most challenging skills in an English class. A dynamic and productive English class is the one in which teachers try to take and provide every opportunity for students to talk and apply what they have learned in the class practically. In fact , successful teachers try to use every part of the book to elicit some English speaking from students. To do so , I find American English Files as a great source. As a matter of fact , in these books there are multitude opportunities for students to speak . As an illustration , we can refer to some exercises named as speaking . In addition , a creative and opportunistic teacher can take some other parts of the book such as listening , reading , grammar banks , vocabulary banks as an opportunity to make students speak ; for example, by asking students to give a summery of the reading or listening. Another important point that I would like to mention is that an English teacher should make students apply the whole vocabularies and grammar rules that they have learned in a unit by providing an appropriate context. To sum up , try to make an atmosphere in an English class in which students take the most time of the class speaking while a teacher monitors them actively and judiciously.

Writing : Without any exaggeration we can claim that writing has turned out to be one of the major obstacles for most of the IELTS applicants. It is just because of the fact that teachers and students mostly neglect this important skill in most of the English classes. It is definitely recommended to whole teachers to attract the attention of students toward this important skill form the beginning. Fortunately , American English Files have provided some great exercises to enhance the writing skill , so it is vital for teachers to pay a special attention to them. Since writing skill like speaking skill is a productive skill , it is really recommended that teachers make students apply the whole language skills that they learn in a unit in their writings. It is also important to teach students the basic rules and principles of organizing standard sentences and paragraphs.

Reading : Reading is another major challenge for most students. Fortunately , American English File courses have also provided lots of great exercises both in student’s book and work book. In these excises It is really advised that teachers draw the attention of students to both reading skills and vocabularies as well as some essential techniques such as speed reading.





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